A little About me

Hi there!

I'm a design-focused full-stack software engineer, studying Computer Science at MIT.

Previously, I've worked at Tablelist, interned at Facebook and Groupon, and worked at MIT's CSAIL and Media Lab.

Next year, I will be working as a software engineer for Counsyl.


An open-source row React-based virtualization table for fast rendering and scrolling with massive reactive data sets. As a core contributor, designed and implemented a friendlier API.

HELPq is real-time help queue and mentor management application, targeted at hackathons and classrooms, where there is a need for issues to be claimed and satisfied within minutes. It includes a simple interface for requesting tickets, claiming tickets, and a powerful dashboard for administrating users/mentors and examining metrics.

At HackMIT 2015, 425 users submitted 502 tickets through our system, with an average response time of 9:37 and a median response time of 2:48. From our data, the majority of the time, a hacker could request help and receive world-class mentorship in-person, at their table, within five minutes, at a 1000+ person hackathon.

An open-source digital signage solution using Google Chromecasts, which allows users to manipulate content through a web interface. Users can also push alerts and create 'takeovers.'

Led the dev team for HackMIT 2014, and created multiple applications for hackathon management, including the main website splash, participant application portal, a sponsor management portal, and a real-time help queue to pair company mentors with hackers.

A library for real-time hardware data synchronization between mobile and desktop browsers using javascript.
Demos include 2-player Mario Kart and n-player plane battle game.

2nd place winner at YCHacks '14. Featured in VentureBeat.

A javascript library that leverages HTML5 to provide easy access to device motion gestures.

Top 10 Finalist in Greylock's Hackfest '14.

A Google Chrome extension that allows paragraph-specific comments with Bitcoin 'tipping' on any website, with a focus on clarifying sparse code documentation and discussing articles.

Winner of A16Z's Battle of the Hacks '14.

A glove to teach the deaf-blind the hand positions for sign language by automatically adjusting their fingers based on computer input.

1st place winner of the MakeMIT Hardware Hackathon '14.

A staff tool used as a help queue for MIT's 6.005, Elements of Software Construction to help facilitate office hours.

An MIT-only social network for sharing emotions. Emotions are aggregated and displayed through charts and private text summaries of users' posting habits.

2nd place winner and audience choice of MIT's 6.470 Web Programming Competition 2014.